30 Miles for 30 Years

Published 16th February 2023

To celebrate our 30th year we are organising a charity walk for our charities of the year: Lamp and Stonebridge City Farm on 30th March.

Since we’ve been going for 30 years, a 30 mile walk is the perfect way to mark this big occasion whilst also raising money for our charities.

Both Lamp and Stonebridge City Farm are near and dear to our hearts with both charities focussing on support and advocacy for mental health in their communities.  Stonebridge City Farm provides an inner city farm in Nottingham for all to enjoy with great volunteering opportunities and support for all and Lamp provides mental health programmes, services and events in the Leicestershire area.

Our Social Committee (Fun at Macs) has done a great job of putting together a 30 mile canal-based walk going from Leicester to Nottingham on Thursday 30th March.

Our intrepid walkers will be setting off first thing and heading out on a walk that should take just over 12 hours (with the help of some very sturdy walking boots).

The walk has been broken down with several checkpoints along the way at some wonderful eating establishments around the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire area.  The perfect way to have a bit of a breather but also allow people to join the walk if they can’t do the full 30 miles.

Please help us raise money for our great charities by sponsoring the walkers who will be doing what most of us have only done in a car.  

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