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Transform Your Talent Acquisition with Macildowie Managed Recruitment Services

Unlock the power of seamless recruitment with Macildowie's Managed Recruitment Services. Whether you're navigating permanent recruitment, contract recruitment, surge projects or digital talent attraction, our bespoke solutions ensure a streamlined, end-to-end process.

Macildowie's Approach

In the absence of a well-defined people agenda and alignment at the leadership level, businesses often grapple with decreased engagement levels and increased rates of absence and attrition. These pain points highlight the importance for a comprehensive approach to talent management that goes beyond day-to-day operations.

Through our unique approach, we offer tailored solutions that solve your people challenges, whether it's fuelling growth, creating capability, or acquiring specific skills to develop high-performing teams.

Better Value, Better Results

Our recruitment services offer enhanced cost control with transparent structures, improving budget management. We strategically increase talent retention, reducing turnover costs and protecting your employer brand. This approach bolsters your reputation, attracting top talent and reducing overall hiring costs. Our streamlined processes ensure cost-effective recruitment, making you an employer of choice while safeguarding your financial interests.

Elevate Your Talent Pool

Our recruitment services enhance hire quality through rigorous screening, ensuring candidates meet your specific needs. We help build a stable workforce, reducing attrition and its business impact. By aligning your team with top performers, we drive overall business performance. Additionally, positive employee experiences under our guidance boost your online reputation, leading to a better Glassdoor ranking.

Your Recruitment, Our Expertise

Benefit from a dedicated team of experts attuned to your unique recruitment needs. Our specialists act as custodians of your employer brand, maintaining its market appeal. Gain access to Macildowie's network of over 75 specialist consultants, offering scalable expertise in your recruitment endeavors.

Cost, Time, Talent: The Trio of Challenges in Recruitment


Are you overspending on agency fees and recruitment marketing, with a lack of visibility preventing accurate forecasting?


Is the lack of focus on time-to-hire causing your key people to invest crucial time in the recruitment process?


Engaging multiple agencies can tarnish your brand reputation, making talent acquisition a challenge. A consistent brand message is vital, and a partnership approach outshines the fragmented efforts of multiple suppliers.

Our Solutions

Our end-to-end solutions ensure seamless talent acquisition, covering integrated permanent and contract recruitment, surge projects, and Digital Talent Attraction. Each engagement is personalised to meet your specific needs.

1. Integrated Permanent Recruitment

Streamline your permanent hiring process with our Integrated Permanent Recruitment service. We source, assess, and present candidates who align with your culture and requirements, ensuring a strong foundation for long-term success.

2. Integrated Contract Recruitment

Meet short-term talent needs efficiently with our Integrated Contract Recruitment service. We provide skilled contract professionals to augment your workforce, contributing to project success and overall business agility.

3. Surge Projects

Address sudden resource demands with our Surge Projects solution. Whether you're scaling up for a project or managing peak seasons, we deliver flexible and scalable staffing solutions to meet your immediate business requirements.

4. Digital Talent Attraction

Boost your online presence and attract top talent with our Digital Talent Attraction service. We leverage SEO strategies tailored for talent acquisition, ensuring your organsization is prominently featured to attract the right candidates.

We’ve earned the trust of renowned brands

Choosing Macildowie Talent Partnerships means choosing a partner dedicated to simplifying, enhancing, and optimising your talent agenda.

How it Works

Book Your Discovery Call

Schedule a no-obligation discovery call to share your challenges and goals. Let's understand what you aim to achieve.

In-Depth Meeting

Meet face-to-face for a detailed discussion. We'll delve into the reasons behind your challenges, offering insights and outlining how we can assist.

Diagnostic Presentation

Receive our diagnostic report and tailored suggestions. This roadmap will guide you in overcoming challenges and achieving your goals, whether in collaboration with Macildowie or through your own means.

Ready to transform your hiring process?

Contact us today to explore how Macildowie's Managed Recruitment Services can reshape your workforce and drive your business success.