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Macildowie ONE

One Partner. One Process. One Day. YOUR CALL

Meet with one of our expert recruitment consultants

We hand-pick and profile candidates on your behalf

In just one day you interview them all and select the best

Get it right first time

Meet with your recruitment partners for a detailed consultation.

We will sit down with you face to face to really get under the skin of what you need from your next hire. We will understand the responsibilities in the role, it’s challenges, as well as the culture of your business. This allows us to accurately profile your shortlist to find the perfect match.

Let us do all the work

We’ll understand the role and person spec to find the right candidate – we’ll then do all the leg work on your behalf.
We will put together a profile of the perfect candidate. We will understand the “non-negotiables” and work tirelessly to reach out to prospective candidates that fit the brief. We will ensure that they meet both the eligibility criteria AND fit the culture of your business to help with long term success.

Attract new talent

We showcase your employer brand to attract the best people in the market – not just on the market, then we shortlist.

We recognise that the best candidates aren’t always actively searching job boards or sending their CV’s to jobs.

We will utilise our industry leading multi-channel sourcing strategy to maximise exposure to your vacancy through social media, professional networking sites, job boards and our own extensive network.

Let's bring science into it

We’ll use our exclusive profiling tools to ensure cultural fit – and shortlist again.
We will use our exclusive profiling tool to give you deep insights into the candidate’s behavioural traits and preferences. We will suggest questions to use at interview to probe those findings to give you the best chance of finding the perfect candidate. The tool also gives details of their learning styles to allow you to on-board them in the best way possible.

We'll meet the prospects

We'll conduct your first stage interviews for you.
We will meet every candidate on the longlist and re-interview them versus your requirements. We will challenge them to give direct examples of both their cultural and professional fit. We will separate the wheat from the chaff and let you get on with the day job.

Your shortlist

You don't need to review a single CV - we do it all on your behalf and present the candidate shortlist for you to interview.
We will deliver you a tailored shortlist of candidates who are the best fit for your business. They will have been tested and interviewed and shown to be the cream of the crop. Your job is simple, meet them, and choose the best.

One day of your time

Then we just need a day of your time - to interview at a location of your choice.
We ask you to meet the candidates all on the same day, at a location of your choice. It reduces the risk of candidates securing positions elsewhere, removes distractions and allows you to significantly reduce your hiring timelines.

Real time feedback

Your recruitment partner will be on hand to give an introduction and de-brief.
Guess what, you aren’t alone. We will be there with you on the day of the interviews and we will host all of the candidates. Meeting them on arrival, introducing them to you and de-briefing them post interview. This means you can concentrate on finding the best talent. We will feedback their thoughts in the moment so you know exactly where you stand.

Make informed comparisons

You will meet all candidates in this single day - meaning you can make direct comparisons and hire the best candidate.
You will meet the candidates back to back. This allows you to see exactly how they compare to each other. No more recruitment processes where you have to remember the person you met a week last Wednesday.

Don't Just Recruit Quicker

At the end of the day you'll have the best candidate - in a fraction of the time!
You’ve just spent 1 day to identify the best people in the market for your job. You’ve gained direct comparisons, you know how their personality and learning styles fit your business and you have beaten the competition to your perfect match.
The successful candidates said they enjoyed the recruitment process, felt that they were kept abreast of their application and had sufficient support with researching the role.
Katie Bates, UK People & Culture Manager, Coba International Ltd

Delighted with the service Macildowie have provided, placing two fantastic candidates into my team in a tough candidate market…exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Natalie Walker, Head of HR, Now Pensions

Time had been invested in getting to know and understand the business, our culture, fit and role requirements

Carol-Ann Martin, HR Manager, Healthnet Homecare

Our Macildowie specialist consultant, spent time to understand what we were looking for and came to us with individuals who were a close cultural and technical match.

Ellis Rooney, Site Finance Manager, Pepsico

All candidates had a great understanding of the role

Rebecca Russen, Operations Recruitment Specialist, Travis Perkins

All candidates submitted for initial screen were of the right calibre to interview. It was especially difficult to narrow 5 to 2/3 for second interview as all were fit for the role. I haven’t had that experience before.

Carol-Ann Martin, HR Manager, Healthnet Homecare