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Transforming Your Workplace with Talent Retention Solutions

We understand that attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for your business success. Our Talent Retention Solutions are designed to help you overcome people challenges in defining your culture, articulating your EVP and amplifying your employer brand.

Macildowie's Approach

In the absence of a well-defined people agenda and alignment at the leadership level, businesses often grapple with decreased engagement levels and increased rates of absence and attrition. These pain points highlight the importance for a comprehensive approach to talent management that goes beyond day-to-day operations.

Through our unique approach, we offer tailored solutions that solve your people challenges, whether it's fuelling growth, creating capability, or acquiring specific skills to develop high-performing teams.

Boosted Employee Happiness, Customer Satisfaction, and Profit

Happy employees lead to satisfied customers, driving increased profits and CFO contentment.

Enhanced Middle Manager IQ and EQ for Sustainable Success

Elevate middle managers' intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) to empower them to communicate effectively, enhance employee engagement and develop both performance and capabilities within their teams.

Cultivate a Talent Magnet and Retention Culture

Foster a culture that not only attracts top talent but also retains it, creating a workforce magnetised by excellence.

If you're experiencing:

  • High Turnover Rates
  • Low Engagement Levels
  • Resistance to Change
  • Lack of Collaboration
  • Absenteeism
  • Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Negative Feedback on Platforms (e.g., Glassdoor)

We've got your back.

Our Solutions

Focused on tackling talent retention challenges, our solutions transform your people strategy. Whether it's fuelling growth, creating capability, or acquiring specific skills, we're dedicated to developing high-performing teams that propel your organisation forward.

1. People Strategy and Culture & Engagement Reviews

  • Assess trust levels, feedback solicitation and feelings of empowerment.
  • Evaluate collaboration, satisfaction and measure overall engagement.

2. Culture Change

  • Tailored culture creation fostering teamwork and leadership alignment.
  • Optimised performance and trust-building initiatives.

3. EVP

  • Research through leadership interviews, talent interviews and competitor reviews.
  • Activation strategy through versatile messaging pillars.

4. Employer Brand

  • Content management and distribution with a bespoke software platform.
  • Custom content creation, monthly organic content production, and paid social media advertising.

We’ve earned the trust of renowned brands

Choosing Macildowie Talent Partnerships means choosing a partner dedicated to simplifying, enhancing, and optimising your talent agenda.

How it Works

Book Your Discovery Call

Schedule a no-obligation discovery call to share your challenges and goals. Let's understand what you aim to achieve.

In-Depth Meeting

Meet face-to-face for a detailed discussion. We'll delve into the reasons behind your challenges, offering insights and outlining how we can assist.

Diagnostic Presentation

Receive our diagnostic report and tailored suggestions. This roadmap will guide you in overcoming challenges and achieving your goals, whether in collaboration with Macildowie or through your own means.

Ready to Transform Your Workplace?

Businesses facing high employee turnover and low engagement can find an effective solution with Macildowie's Talent Retention Solutions. Our services, including People Strategy Reviews, Culture Change programs, and Employer Brand enhancement, directly tackle these issues.

By enhancing workplace culture and developing a strong Employee Value Proposition, we help attract and retain top talent, improve manager effectiveness, and increase employee satisfaction. Partnering with us leads to noticeable improvements in team cohesion, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business profitability.