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How much commission could I make as a recruiter?

Published 10th November 2022
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How much commission could I make as a recruiter?

Published 10th November 2022

Recruitment Consultants have been found to be helpful to businesses during the hiring process, as well as helping candidates prepare and find the appropriate job for them. It is a very fast-paced job, with a lot of rewarding aspects incorporated. Recruitment Consultants are known to work towards a high paid salary, but this can depend on a variety of factors: experience, location, education, and the position they have within the company’s hierarchy.

The average salary a Recruitment Consultant can make is £24,800 per year. As mentioned prior, this salary can alter depending on many factors. The National Careers Service highlighted that the salary for a Recruitment Consultant can vary from £16,000 to £40,000. This is likely to increase further, depending on your level of experience and position.

Location, location, location

The salary for a Recruitment Consultant can also vary depending on their geographical location. The Recruiter is likely to collect higher earnings when working in a city or large town, rather than in the smaller more rural towns and villages. 

From research these are the up-to-date average base salary for a Recruitment Consultant (July 2022):


Salaries from Similar Professions

For comparison here are some salaries from similar professions:

How Do You Increase Your Salary If You’re a Recruitment Consultant?

If you work as a Recruitment Consultant, you are likely to receive a base salary. If you want to try to increase the amount you earn, there are a number of things to consider.

Agency Commission Structure

It is likely alterations can be made to the amount you earn, depending on if you agreed on a certain percentage within your interview for each successful candidate placed by yourself. By placing more and more successful candidates you’ll receive a larger sum. As well as, giving up the potential for a promotion, which could increase your salary further.

Quantity and Quality

Increasing the number of placements will help you gain a successful career path progression. However, placing a good quantity of candidates isn’t enough, they need to be of good quality as well! In turn, you could exceed your quota of successful candidates, suggesting your ability to meet goals, and potentially allowing you to climb up the company's hierarchy.

Drive, Resilience, Patience

It is likely for a Recruitment Consultant to enter this industry at the bottom, in an entry-level position. In turn, you are likely to have a lower salary than your senior colleagues. Earning trust with the company, and showing employers your skill set and ability to grow within this fast-paced environment is likely to lead to an increase in your earnings. Therefore drive, resilience, and patience are key.

If you are interested in applying for a role as a Recruitment Consultant find out more via the link below