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How to make it as a home-based recruitment consultant

Published 5th July 2022
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How to make it as a home-based recruitment consultant

Published 5th July 2022

With the world of work changing and around 50% of the workforce working from home understanding how to make it in recruitment as a home-based business is vital. This blog will cover tips and tricks on how to create a successful recruitment team. 

Why working remote works 

There are many reasons why the recruitment industry can easily adapt to being home-based. Here are just a few: 

  1. Equipment 

Recruiters only need a computer and a phone to do their job well. Today all candidate sourcing and lead generation is carried out online, this could be by using Linkedin, Google or online job boards. Not only this if your business is using a cloud base CRM recruits will be able to access any files from the business. Meaning they can do their job anywhere! 

  1. Tracking Productivity

It is easy to track productivity online, if your business is using the correct recruitment software you’ll be able to track all KPI and productivity at just one glance. At the end of the day, recruitment is really a sales job, so if your team isn't billing when they are home-based then you will know about it. This is one of the reasons why the recruitment industry is one of the best to introduce home-based working. 

  1. Retaining the best recruiters 

The Quarterly Journal of Economics states that employees who are able to work from home take fewer sick days and even stay 50% longer at the business. In the recruitment industry, your top billers will make up a significant part of your turnover. So offering your team the chance to be home-based will lead to them staying longer resulting in more billings for your business. 

Rolling out home-based recruitment 

Here are some steps you can take to make sure moving over to remote working is smooth and successful: 

Invest in technology

Ensuring you have the right technology is vital for remote working. This is because it allows your team to operate from home without having any challenges. Having a cloud-based CRM is important so that your team can recruit from home.

There are lots of different software options available to ensure your team keeps communicating with one another. Communicating via video calls is one of the best tools to use to keep your business running smoothly when your team is working from home. This way your recruiters can interview candidates, have meetings with clients and attend any team meetings. 

Work from home policies 

To ensure working from home is successful for your business, you will need to make sure everyone is on the same page with what is expected of them when they are working out of the office. 

You can do this by creating a clear WFH policy. Some of the things you should cover:

  • Core working from home hours 
  • If your team need to report overtime and lunch hours 
  • How in advance should a team member let you know they are working from home?

Daily Meetings

Make sure you set regular meetings with your team, to ensure everyone is up to date and are working as a team. It might be worth having a daily meeting so that everyone in the office or at home can join. This will allow you to create a routine and pass on any important information.

Tools to support home-based working 

We would recommend looking into the tools below so that your team can succeed at home: 

  • Microsoft Teams - This is great for sharing files and video calls. 
  • Zoom - This is great for video meetings 
  • Soapbox - This is great for recording and sharing videos with any clients or candidates. 

Technology is the most important element to think about when creating a successful home-based recruitment team. 

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