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Is Recruiting the Right Choice for You?

Published 15th September 2022
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Is Recruiting the Right Choice for You?

Published 15th September 2022

It is important to think about how well-suited you are to recruiting before entering the industry. You don’t want to waste your own time and money nor a businesses. This blog will help you decide whether you have the skills, qualifications, and experience. In turn, suggesting whether you're ready or want to put the work in to become a recruiter.

Recruiting is a very difficult industry to work in, you need to be able to cope in a fast-paced environment, while communicating and troubleshooting with your fellow employees. Having the understanding that becoming a recruiter isn’t just about the money, although this is a nice element of the job, is important. You could be positively altering someone's life, as well as yours due to the mass amount of opportunities to progress.

Do I need a degree?

There are no essential qualifications needed to become a recruiter. However, a bachelor’s degree would be very helpful through the application process, making you stand out amongst the crowd. Potential degrees to study would be human resources, business studies, psychology, etc. It is important to note that you can obtain these from any university, which includes online courses, the period of your degree also doesn’t matter.

Please bear in mind this is still not essential, a positive attitude, skill set, and experience could also push you out from the crowd of applicants applying.


  • The main responsibilities of a recruiter are:
  • Helping improve client's CVs
  • Supporting clients through interviewing processes
  • Sharing job adverts on online bulletin boards and sites
  • Aiding the negotiation process of client's potential salaries
  • Connecting with both the candidates and the company


The experience that could be helpful during this time could be having a background in sales or account management.

It goes without saying that having a deep understanding of knowledge of the recruiting sector is vital. Projecting this within the interview would give you a good standing in the reviewing process, and suggest a genuine interest to the employers.

The main experience wanted by employers is being able to talk to people, this is mainly because recruiters meet a lot of people (clients, candidates, and colleagues). This can be in an office environment or hospitality establishment. All experience works towards you getting the position you want. Feel like you don’t have the right amount of experience yet? Go out there and get it!


Although you’ll be doing masses of communicating through the job, you don’t necessarily need to be an extrovert. You’ll definitely get far within this industry if you’re outgoing and happy to talk to large numbers of people every day, but listening is also a vital skill for this job. You need to have the ability to be able to empathise with the candidates and understand their needs. Therefore, introverts are also a great fit!

If you think you have the right skills to be a recruiter, why not head over to our website and see if working for Macs might be right for you.

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