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Is Recruitment A Good Job?

Published 11th August 2022

Recruitment, the job that faces many misconceptions, from the industry being made up of aggressive sales staff, to recruiters spending all day sitting down at their desk, there is lots of information everyone has heard that simply isn’t true. This blog will explore what the reality is of having a job in recruitment and how it should be seen as a good job.

A Rewarding Career

Recruitment is a job that can be extremely rewarding. However, this doesn’t come without its challenges and you truly get what you put in, out. It’s fast-paced and there is a lot to learn, but there should always be plenty of support available to you. In terms of rewards, many recruitment jobs operate on commission based on how well you’ve performed. Who couldn’t do with a bit of extra money? As well as this, recruitment is also known for its great opportunities and promotions. Where do you see your career in the future?


Like most careers, when you start you will get plenty of training and support, which will also continue throughout your career. Things can seem overwhelming at first, but you will be working with experts who have plenty of experience; don’t be afraid to ask for more help, their knowledge needs to be put to good use anyway! In fact, the amount of training and development you receive can even turn into promotions. Take every training and development opportunity you can get!

Business Development Days

This is the more informal part of recruitment. You are right to think that business development happens every single day anyway, but this specific day helps the internal team to further their relationships. It’s just as important to have everyone internally having great relationships as much as it is for them to have them with external organisations!

Building Relationships

Definitely one of the biggest benefits of having a job in recruitment is the relationships you build as part of the job. From relationships with a range of clients from all walks of life to regular clients and organisations that you will know for years, your role will have a strong focus on keeping and maintaining these bonds. You will be building these every single day and will become an expert in them in no time. 

All in all, recruitment is definitely a good job that is both rewarding yet challenging. There are plenty of opportunities and development, which can easily turn into promotions and bonuses’. 

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