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Navigating the Shifting Recruitment Landscape: A Quarterly Update

Published 11th January 2024
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Navigating the Shifting Recruitment Landscape: A Quarterly Update

Published 11th January 2024

This blog post aims to distil the essential points on the current state of the job market, talent acquisition and strategies for retention.

Macro Trends in the Job Market

Our analysis employs data from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). The narrative of abundant job opportunities in previous years has shifted towards a more normalised market. Job vacancies have slightly decreased, while candidate supply has steadily increased—a shift attributed to businesses recalibrating their operating models in a post-Covid world. One of the by-products of this are skills shortages in the talent pool.

Salary Trends and the Importance of Fairness

Despite a reduction in job vacancy growth, salaries continue to rise, marking the 29th successive month of pay increases. Understanding candidate expectations and market benchmarks is crucial when it comes to pay. Employers need to offer competitive packages, focus on long-term visions and be able to demonstrate career plans to attract and retain top talent.

Regional Insights

Turning attention to regional trends, a significant spike in job postings in the Midlands is evident over the last month. This surge, attributed to post-summer project initiatives and year-end goals, suggests a counterintuitive approach to recruitment—focusing on medium-term pipelines and recruitment marketing.

In-Demand Skills

Examining the skills frequently featured in job postings and candidate profiles, a high demand for finance and marketing expertise is evident. This demand reflects the broader trend of businesses adapting to the post-pandemic landscape, emphasising digitalisation, cost consciousness and strategic marketing.

Building a Strong Employer Brand:

An emphasis now needs to be placed on the importance of tailoring recruitment marketing efforts to different digital platforms based on where target talent spends the most time. A strategic approach to employer branding on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can significantly impact the ability to attract the right candidates.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Retention

Shifting focus to the critical topic of retention, data on why employees leave their current roles reveals growth opportunities and fulfilling work as primary motivators. To enhance retention, organisations must focus on creating a compelling EVP that goes beyond material offerings, emphasising purpose, meaning and growth opportunities.

Leadership and Engagement

Confidence in leadership emerges as the top factor correlating with engagement and consequently, retention. Effectively communicating the vision, demonstrating the importance of individuals, and making decisions geared toward improvement are essential. Shifting from a commanding control culture to one centred on recognition and purpose can strengthen employee engagement.


In an ever evolving job market, HR and recruitment professionals must stay informed, adapt to shifting trends, and focus on holistic strategies for talent acquisition and retention. Emphasis on the importance of understanding market dynamics, creating a compelling EVP, and embracing technology to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of HR and recruitment should now form part of strategic conversations focussed on talent attraction and retention.

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