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Top Tips to be an Outstanding HR Recruiter

Published 27th October 2022
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Top Tips to be an Outstanding HR Recruiter

Published 27th October 2022

The recruitment industry is an important and organised sector; poor performance can lead to labour shortages, something no company wants. Therefore, it is vital that as a HR recruitment consultant you are successful. This blog will give you all the best information and advice on how to be an outstanding HR recruitment consultant.

The Role

Being a HR recruitment consultant is a rewarding and well-paid career. You will be responsible for the entire field of recruitment for a company. Your role is to make sure that the organisation only employs the best talent that best fits their criteria, and you will be working with a range of members from the hiring company. From writing job descriptions to shortlisting for interviews your tasks will vary depending on the company and its recruitment needs. 

Top Skills


1) Listening


Listening is an extremely important soft skill that all good recruiters have. You will be listening to different departments to find out what type of job or candidate they want, and similarly listening carefully to potential candidates to see if they are suitable. Listening carefully also leads you to ask the most effective questions, something vital in recruitment.

2) Time management

Being a HR recruitment consultant involves a lot of multitasking. You need to be able to work on multiple roles and with various candidates at the same time, whilst prioritising those tasks too.

3) Attention to detail

In this industry paying close attention to detail is crucial in ensuring you’re picking up on small details, especially from candidates; the company needs the best person for the job.

4) Communication

Possibly, the most important and most used skill. Your communication skills will be put to good use. You are the person between the organisation and the candidate and must communicate well with them both to be successful and find the best person for the job.

5) Multitasking

Hiring candidates can be a lengthy task; from the initial job description to the final stage of interviews, this process can easily take a number of weeks, if not months. This means that you will be working on multiple vacancies, with a range of departments and candidates. You should be able to work on all projects seamlessly alongside each other and ensure that all work is of a high standard. 

6) Making decisions

As a HR recruitment consultant, you will need to be able to effectively make decisions, and be impartial. Your decision-making should always be based on what’s best for the company; what will benefit them.

7) Technology skills

In today’s world, having good technology skills is a necessary requirement in most jobs, especially in recruitment. This is because the majority of recruitment ads and processes are now completely online. Ensure you are able to use the necessary technology to a high standard, it is essential!

8) Marketing

Perhaps the most obvious skill, HR recruiters need to be able to market jobs to appeal to the very best and most talented candidates. To be successful you need to be able to target these people effectively, it’s time to brush up on your marketing skills!

Being a HR recruitment consultant is a worthwhile career that is definitely worth putting the extra hours in to master its many skills. We hope you’ve found these top tips helpful! For more tips and advice, check out some of our other blogs like this one.

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