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What do Recruitment Consultants do?

Published 16th December 2022
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What do Recruitment Consultants do?

Published 16th December 2022

The role of a recruitment consultant is essential in helping a company find the right candidate for the role. While you may be familiar with the title, you may find yourself asking ‘what do recruitment consultants do?’. In this article, we will discuss just this. 

Do Recruitment Consultants specialise in 1 industry?

In short, yes, it is common for recruiters to specialise in a particular industry or business type. So for example, if a business operating in the financial sector is looking to recruit, they may wish to work with a recruitment consultant who specialises in the finance sector.

Do all recruiters do the same thing? 

Any role that relies on building a relationship with a client will differ between organisations, as well as from person to person. However, there are factors that will be similar wherever you go. Some of which include:

  • Identifying and developing relationships with clients or businesses
  • Advising on and selling the best solution for reaching candidates and maintaining a candidate database
  • Assessing the needs of each particular client or assignment
  • Responding to the needs of each client or assignment
  • Sourcing suitable candidates and briefing them on the opportunities offered by the client
  • Managing the process
  • Negotiating pay and salary rates 
  • Finalising arrangements between client and candidate
  • Offering CV, interview and general career advice

What key skills does a recruitment consultant have?

The role of a recruitment consultant centres primarily around their ability to build and manage strong relationships with clients and businesses. They must understand people and what motivates them, as well as be able to recognise where people will fit. 

Other key skills include:

  1. Having the ability to be compelling and persuasive
  2. Developing relationships and working as part of a team
  3. Meet targets and compete for the best results
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