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Macildowie have been ‘Building Great Futures’ in Lincolnshire since 1993. Grantham is an industrial town in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire. It was the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher and in 1914, the town was the workplace of Edith Smith, the UK's first female police officer. Grantham was also home to the UK's first running diesel engine in 1892.

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Grantham has a rich history, dating back to Anglo-Saxon times but since the introduction of the LNER and GNR lines running through the centre, the town's growth has spiralled. Grantham has a large industrial history, consisting of the founding of Richard Hornsby & Sons; a company who built originally steam engines, then shifted to the production of oil, petrol and gas engines. Many other companies followed suit in the steam engine production industry including Barford's.

Grantham is also known for being the second place in the UK, after London, to recruit and train female police officers. It was the first provincial force to ask the new Corps of Women's Police Volunteers to supply them with policewomen as they found they worked more effectively with juveniles and women.

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  • Grantham has a population of 41,998

  • There are over 129 organisations within the NG31, NG32 & NG33 postcode area

  • We’ve got 27 years of success recruiting for businesses in Grantham

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