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Macildowie have been ‘Building Great Futures’ in Northampton since 1993. Northampton is situated in the heart of England and is famous for its shoe and leather industry which goes back hundreds of years in history. The area is an important retail and market centre serving Northamptonshire and north Buckinghamshire. The town is one of the largest in the UK with a population of 212,100 in 2011.

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The earliest reference to Northampton in writing occurred in 914 under the name Ham tune, which means ""home town"". Oddly Northampton was once considered the capital of England when it was captured from the Danes in 913. It remained this way for almost two centuries.

Historically, Northampton was known for its shoe and leather industry. During the 1st World war, shoemakers from Northamptonshire supplied over 2/3 of the 70 million pairs of footwear required, due to the thriving tanning industry in the area. In fact, demand for Northampton shoes became so strong that at one point there were over 1,821 shoemakers in the town.

Today, the town is an important retail and market centre serving Northamptonshire and North Buckinghamshire. Northamptonshire is also home to the world-famous Silverstone circuit track which hosts the British Grand Prix and houses Mercedes’ engine manufacturing factory.

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  • Northampton has a population of 215,173

  • There are over 838 organisations within the NN1-7 postcode areas

  • We’ve got 27 years of success recruiting for businesses in Northampton

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