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Talent Sourcing

Talent forms a company, they make it what it is. Although some might think customers are the most important, great employees are the ones that create outstanding customer service. Therefore, hiring the right talent for your organisation is essential and should start before you read CVs and conduct interviews. This process is called talent sourcing; the beginning of the hiring plan that looks at the available talent for the position. Many factors go into this, from the goals of the business and role and so much more.

What is it?

Talent sourcing is the operation that finds potential talent. This happens right at the beginning of the hiring process. It focuses on researching, exploring and finding talent, creating networks through doing this. This process is done together, to create the finest candidate pipeline. This can be from anything from attending job fairs to focusing on people in the industry who aren’t looking for a job; passive talent.

Once this talent is sourced you can then find potential candidates to review CVs and interview. This sourcing can take place both through traditional methods or now, using online. Both are successful and have different strengths. Which one you choose will depend on your organisation, its needs and culture.

The Process

Sourcing starts with a talent acquisition strategy, the full plan to identify, locate and hire talent, from the beginning until the end. Then comes sourcing, and finally recruiting, making the hire is the final part of the three-step process. A thorough sourcing operation is key to finding and hiring the right talent, it’s the start of an important process. You need to be able to thoroughly understand it so it can happen effectively.

A strong job description complete with all requirements

Finding the right personality to fit the role

Sourcing the talent, using your network, ads and candidate pipeline


The best sourcing strategy will focus on a range of places and sources and should be tailored to your business and its needs.

Speak to hiring staff

Before the process starts, it’s essential to speak to the hiring manager so you’re aware of what’s needed and expected. Analyse the description and ensure it is all up to par.

Begin the applicant tracking process

Now you know what is needed and you know what to look out for, it’s time to launch the tracking process. Use keywords and the necessary skills to narrow down your search.

Use other channels

Make use of online resources and the internet. Remember to use key websites and resources like LinkedIn, the internet is endless, make use of this invaluable tool!

Network in person

Attending events in person is a key way to build networks and find the best talent. Have a search and go to relevant events near you, you’ll meet more people than you think, maybe your new employee!

Make use of employee networks

The staff you currently have can be a useful tool when trying to source talent. Consider setting up a referral process, ensuring your rewards are enticing.

Focus on your employer brand

A simple way to get found by talent, you should showcase your company in a positive light. Social media is key for this to be effective.

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Using CRM or ATS software can be a huge help when sourcing. These types of software keep talent on record from previous searches, giving you a useful catalogue of talent. This is particularly useful when you are sourcing similar positions. Don’t underestimate the power of automation, it’ll make your process more efficient!

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