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Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is an essential hiring process. When a hire needs to be made, there needs to be planning for this, especially for the company’s finances. This all needs to be mapped out before recruitment starts. Whilst it is essential for the company’s organisation and budget, it is also important to make sure the talent in the organisation is the best that it can be, to help the company grow and develop, it considers the bigger picture. Think of it like the business and talent linking, so their strategies align.

What is it?

Talent mapping is a broad term covering anything from sourcing candidates, getting them in the role and eventually retaining them by having a good career path. Talent mapping happens over a long period of time, it is something that constantly changes and develops alongside your business.

The three most important points of talent mapping are to find roles your company needs to improve, to ensure job roles are as up-to-date and as current as possible, align with your business strategy, and make career paths that can help talent develop, allowing you to retain them at the same time. In simple terms, talent mapping gives you the best results, especially in the future as your business grows; it’s setting it up for success.

The Planning

The best talent mapping requires planning, you need to know what’s happening and have your queries answered as quickly as possible. The questions you should be asking should be about the demands of the role, the fit with the team, and what new talent will need from your company. This will allow you to thoroughly plan your talent mapping, this preparation will pay off.

Communication is Key

Clear and consistent communication will really benefit your mapping; it can involve multiple parties and everyone needs to understand and be on the same page. It also allows for transparency, we believe that everyone needs to be aware of what’s going on, from the new hire, their manager and other members of the team, to avoid misunderstandings.


Talent mapping is a constant process that will benefit your company in the long run. It’s worth getting it right and doing it well, as you’ll not only have employees that are good at their jobs, they’ll love your company and want to grow with it too.

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How it Benefits Culture

Your new hire could have all of the skills you’re looking for on paper, but will they fit in with your culture? Culture is extremely important, it defines your organisation. Successful talent mapping with making your talent feel powerful, and they will perform better, this is the direction you want your culture to go in. Of course, culture changes as your business grows, this is why it’s so important to ensure new hires will fit into this and nurture it.

Finding Leaders

When talent mapping is done well, you can find talent who can eventually become really effective leaders in your business. This is because you are hiring people who want a career, who are motivated and want to be part of the future of your company, making it stronger. View talent mapping like a gameboard of your entire organisation, for example, if you interviewed someone who wasn’t right for one role but showed qualities of another, they could be hired for that instead.

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