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The most common interview questions that come up for recruitment consultants

Published 1st September 2022
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The most common interview questions that come up for recruitment consultants

Published 1st September 2022

Working in recruitment can be a tough industry to be in, considering how fast-paced and competitive it can be. However, if you thrive in such a setting, recruitment may be the ideal choice.

If you have decided recruitment is the right path for you and have applied for a role in it, then you may find the interview questions in this blog post helpful to consider. 

Why do you want to work in recruitment?

It is essential to show your passion for working in this industry and the company you are working with. Research the company and use that knowledge to sell your competence for the role.

What suitable qualities do you have for the role?

Core skills needed in recruitment are organisation, communication, solving problems, and negotiation. Provide examples of when you have developed such skills.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

As tough as this question may be, providing examples of this is important for the interviewer to know how you manage adversity. In giving your examples of this, make sure you link it back to justifying how you will manage challenges in your recruitment role.

Why are you leaving your current position? (if applicable)

Be as positive as possible, not just simply expressing discomfort about your previous job or employer. Gear the conversation towards your positive ambitions, and how moving jobs will push you towards your goals.

Can you give an example of when you failed to reach a goal and why?

Similar to the previous question, your answer to this will reveal your ability to learn from mistakes and improve.

What are your career goals?

The interviewer needs to know if recruiting you will be of long-term benefit to them, but that is not likely the case if it will not be a long-term benefit for you. The more serious you are about progressing in the role you are applying for, the more of an asset to the company you will appear to be.

Why should we choose you?

This is often the last question and gives you the chance to summarise the unique value you as an individual can bring to the role.

Working as a recruitment consultant has its challenges, but is also highly rewarding. Having thick skin, organisation, and confidence in communication is essential, both personally and professionally.

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