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Our team of consultants is made up of expert recruiters with a wealth of experience of recruiting in the professional disciplines that they spearhead.

Andy Gallimore

Culture Consultant

I am an HR and Culture expert.

Working as Macildowie’s Culture Consultant I bring challenge the status quo; encouraging your people to think differently and innovate.

I believe that Culture does eat strategy for breakfast.  By creating the right culture, where people believe in WHY they do WHAT they do and HOW they do it businesses are able to outperform their competitors.

Culture is difficult to replicate; people are what make a business, the right culture enables you to attract but most importantly RETAIN the right people and customers.

Helping our clients to retain their best people, as well as to recruit brilliant new team members is an essential part of what makes Macildowie unique.

I help you, our customer, to retain your best people by:



Consulting with you on your optimal ORGANISATION DESIGN to deliver your VMOST.

Facilitating workshops to enable you to define your NEW WORLD VALUES & BEHAVIOURS  - these are critical in engaging your staff so that they not only know what is expected of them at work, but they also know how you expect them to behave both in the office and working flexibly from home.

Delivering EVP and EMPLOYER BRAND workshops to give you the right tools to be able to define and measure your culture.

Helping you to embed new HR and Culture Technology in order to launch best in class:

ONBOARDING  and Re-onboarding of your Furloughees.

INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS to inspire and keep your staff fully engaged.

LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - E-LEARNING to ensure that your staff have the tools to progress within your business.  Going stale is a key reason why people leave an organisation.

BESPOKE PERFORMANCE FRAMEWORK – to ensure that the right people are being recosgnised and promoted for the right reasons.

To find out more about what I do, please visit the Retention Consultancy section of our website.