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Exec Connect (A new Mastermind Network for MD’s and Future MD’s)

27th June 2024

This initial event is an introduction to what Exec Connect is designed to achieve for you and your business.

We are inviting as many Executive Leaders to come along and to meet Dr Lizzy Bernthal with the aim of understanding how joining a Master Mind Network, facilitated by Lizzy, could help you and your business.


The aim of Exec Connect is to provide you with a psychologically safe space as an Executive Business Leader to meet monthly to explore, share, collaborate and grow without risk of judgment, criticism or comparison.

Exec Connect will be built across the following key foundations that help each group member to fulfil their potential in both business and life:

1. Connect – share experiences, successes and challenges with other Business Leaders – take comfort that you’re not alone & others have felt the same.

2. Collaborate - Brainstorm innovative solutions to pressing challenges as any problem faced has probably already been overcome by someone else.

3. Grow - Share valuable contacts and expand your network - essentially an open “little black book” of potential customers, suppliers and advisors.


Have you ever wondered if joining a Mastermind Network is something that could benefit you?

  • Do you feel alone making decisions with no safe space or colleagues s to share your thoughts?
  • Do you feel under pressure to make decisions without giving yourself space for clarity of thought?
  • Do you have somewhere to turn for external, unbiased advice?
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck or overwhelmed?
  • Do you sometimes wonder what’s next. Are you certain of the next stage of growth for you or your business.
  • Do you have somewhere outside of your organisation to share your ambitions, challenges, fears and frustrations.
  • Are you clear how you need to grow in order to fulfil your potential.
  • Do you benefit from an external challenge mechanism, can you access support or guidance to drive new ways of thinking to accelerate your results?

We believe that Exec Connect is ideal for MD’s who are feeling a little overwhelmed, stale & are in need of inspiration, for First Time MD’s and for those Executives who aspire to become MD/CEO in the short to medium term.

Please register here to join our Exec Connect Mastermind Taster and Fact Finding Session at 8.30am on the 27th June.