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Talent Acquisition Strategy

Having strong talent in your organisation will make it successful, but are you struggling to find this talent? You have to ensure you’re searching for this talent. If you’re wanting to produce better results and beat your competition, finding and attaining the right talent is essential. A talent acquisition strategy can help you do this, it’s more important than you might think.

What is it?

This strategy is all about finding, attaining and hiring the best talent for your company. In simple terms, this strategy will be carefully planned out to ensure you hire the right employees.

The Importance

Talent acquisition is so important today as your company is up against many competitors. The talent you hire should feel like their position is a career, not just a job. So whilst there are plenty of candidates out there, you need to find talent that feels like their role at your company is a career, your strategy needs to recognize this.

Recruitment vs Acquisition

These two terms can easily get misunderstood and confused, talent acquisition is much more than just recruitment. Recruitment is a quicker process, getting people into jobs in a matter of weeks, whereas acquisition is about having the right person in the job, even if it takes a little longer to find that person. They actually go together quite nicely; instead of just finding talent, acquisition is vetting that talent further so the end result is hiring the best person for the role, someone who can meet your company’s needs, now and in the future. The person you will acquire should be someone who can grow in your company over time.

Talent acquisition uses methods like marketing and branding to find these people, and continues until this talent has passed probation and is fully onboarded, it doesn’t stop once they are hired. This investment and development will help you in the long run; additional processes pay off.

The Process

Build a strategy

Create talent pipelines

Make secure employer branding

Get your recruitment marketing up to date



There is a wide range of methods that our consultants can use to build your talent acquisition strategy, these can be tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Making interim positions for potential future roles
  • Finding talent and guiding them to roles
  • Going to fairs and events
  • Appealing to ex-employees
  • Appealing to people from around the country, even the world
  • Have a competitive intern program
  • Source skilled freelancers
  • Use referrals
  • Finding the best talent and directly hiring them

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To have a successful strategy, it must be unique to your business and its needs. How you go about this will depend on your needs and future plans. Essentially, you need a good knowledge of who you want to hire, and what help you have to do this, this will vary depending on the size of your organisation.

For larger organisations their strategy tends to focus on hiring talent that will stay and grow with them, they will typically have a larger amount of candidates available. For medium companies, they may not have the best employee benefits, but making themselves known and focusing on brand awareness will be a key part of their strategy. Finally, smaller businesses will take on a smaller strategy to match their size and budget, focusing on business development and their business plan.

It’s also important that this strategy is measured, from the amount of time taken to fill the position, to how much it costs and eventually, how good the hire is, hearing from both the talent and your company.


  • Learning from past mistakes

  • Think of the future of the talent
  • Use rewards
  • Make use of relevant data
  • Ensure your hiring staff are exceptional
  • Keep up to date with trends
  • Make yourself known, at events such as fairs and on social media
  • Focus on retention
  • Make acquisition a priority
  • Strong branding

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