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Talent attraction and particularly retention is the number one boardroom issue according to our CEO forums. Macildowie's "Cradle to Cradle" retention strategy offers solutions which will help you build and support your People Strategy and retain your talent.

Recruitment & Retention Consultants

To help us to help you to recruit and retain the very best, we have developed a ten point plan. A plan that if you follow, will help your business to scuccessfully scale, improve employee engagement, become more profitable and potentially win awards. That ten point plan is listed below:
  • People Strategy Audit

    For a recruitment service that reduces your costs, saves you time and delivers you the best available interested talent, enquire today and start the conversation that leads you into the future.
  • Leadership Team Insights Discovery

    Now, more than ever before, businesses need a completely aligned top team, a team that has the ability to harness the strengths and collective intelligence of its Leadership Community to enable optimal organisational performance.
  • Setting your VMOST

    Never before has it been this important for Business Leaders to be able to inspire their workforce. We have all been questioning why we do what we do. Why do we do it the way that we do it? It's all been about the WHY.
  • Organisational Design

    The New World of Work is now upon us, with employees and employers alike seeking flexibility and permanent change. Every single business will be assessing its optimal structure. Essentially ensuring that they have the right people, in the right seats on the corporate bus.
  • Defining your New World Values & Behaviours

    Have you got a plan to ensure that your employees are living your company values whilst working from home? Are those values New World Ready?

  • EVP & Employer Brand

    EVP and Employer Brand are two commonly used HR and recruitment terms and they are a critical component of any company’s people strategy. Whether you think you have, or you haven’t, you already have an EVP and an Employer Brand. We want to help you to take control of both of them so that they don’t take control of you.
  • Onboarding

    Onboarding and Re-Onboarding is one of the hottest topics in the world of recruitment at this moment in time. Businesses have still been recruiting during the lockdown, and onboarding candidates has therefore had to be performed remotely, virtually over Zoom. Some have done this well, some badly. All have had to develop their processes overnight.
  • Internal Comms

    Internal Communications are critical to business success, as Business Leaders are faced with the most dynamic economic environment. You have a legal obligation to ensure all employees understand and acknowledge changes relating to employment and health & safety guidance. This is a highly time-consuming, paper-intensive and costly experience for businesses.
  • Learning & Onboarding System

    The Macildowie Learning and Onboarding system is a system that can be fully white labelled to match your brand, it will provide a place for your people to keep updated on all internal comms as well as acting as a best in class training, development and onboarding system.
  • Bespoke Performance Framework

    Carry out and record meaningful performance one to ones that are also wellbeing focused.


    Macildowie's new Recruitment and Retention Consultancy services are a truly unique offering in the UK.

    We have taken a market place based approach to delivering on our customers wants and needs… and those wants and needs are broader than just recruitment.

    Our recruitment services, which are our primary service offering, have been evolving since we first started out in 1993 and include Executive Search, temporary and interim recruitment, and most recently Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).


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    Retention is something entirely new, aimed at helping businesses with a “cradle to cradle” approach to their broader people strategies.

    We call it “cradle to cradle” as we hope to take employees through the entire People Strategy Process, until they get promoted and then start again themselves and choose to use Macildowie to recruit their own team.

    Our Retention Consultancy offering includes helping CEO’s:

    • Align the top team utilising the world renowned “insights discovery” assessments.

    • To develop their Company Vision and Values.
    • To optimise their Organisational Structure and Design in order to create a framework for people to excel.
    • To develop and promote their Employee Value Proposition through innovative Employer Brand Marketing.

    Start your journey towards building your best company today

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