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The challenges of recruitment process outsourcing

Published 26th January 2023
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The challenges of recruitment process outsourcing

Published 26th January 2023

It is widely acknowledged that people are an organisation’s greatest asset. People create your sustainable competitive advantage and drive the future success of your business. 

The ability to effectively pipeline internal and external talent to ‘future proof’ your business has become a critical success factor. Without the right people in the right roles at the right time, businesses can fail.

External environment changes such as demographics, skills gaps and changing employee expectations have made getting, and keeping exceptional talent a significant challenge. Whilst the majority of CEOs in today’s market intend to make a change to their talent strategies, few have the necessary MI to enable them to make informed decisions.

Outsourcing your recruitment is becoming more common-place for the following reasons:

An RPO Provider can:

  • control and deliver 100% fulfilment of the recruitment that is in-scope.
  • be flexible in approach, agile and capable of meeting project demands
  • implement an expertly targeted sourcing strategy that assures complete market coverage with requisite levels of confidentiality
  • Identify, engage and secure the interest of the highest calibre talent, quickly.
  • Ensure a clear, consistent and strong message is taken to market during the search and selection process that wholly supports your Employer Brand 
  • Expertly and seamlessly deliver professionals into your business with minimal disruption and within pre-agreed timelines
  • Deliver a first class candidate experience
  • Ensure costs are controlled and highest possible ROI is realised

There are however also a few challenges you need to consider:

Service structure:

RPO providers differ greatly in the technologies, processes and staff that they employ. Some RPOs will refine your current methodologies and processes whilst working withing your existing infrastructure. Others will prefer to implement a more complete end-to-end solution. 

Ask detailed questions, explain your desired outcomes and evaluate service agreements closely to determine which provider will best meet your needs.

Company background:

You should ensure that any RPO you’re considering is established and has a track record of delivery and quality customer service. Ask for references from their current customers. 

Cultural fit:

It’s imperative that you select an RPO provider whose staff you like and enjoy working with. The RPO should serve as an extension of your Employer Brand and HR team, so trust and likability are key to a successful long-term relationship.


Depending on your recruiting needs, the initial cost of partnering with an RPO is likely to be more costly than doing the hiring yourself. We recommend looking at the relationship and investment over an initial two year time frame.

The long-term benefits that come with strategic recruitment processes—including improved quality of candidates, increased retention, and consistency in employment branding and hiring practices—can equate to significant savings in the long run. 

Another benefit of investing in RPO is that your company will save on the overhead costs of implementing new methodologies or technologies in-house. You will benefit from the scalability an RPO can provide whilst you and your staff will be free to focus on core business tasks while your recruiting needs are handled by a dedicated team of professionals.


Your relationship with the provider you select will require an investment of time, especially in the early days of implementation. You should also be prepared to give your RPO at least six months to achieve results.


The RPO provider will be contracted to deliver on the pre-agreed SLA. It is important that the RPO Account Director has full accountability and a reporting line to one individual in your business. The outsourced process can easily lose control if there are too many people trying to take control or have their voice heard. Piercingly clear reporting lines and Operational MO are key.

With all this said there are also many pro to outsourcing your recruitment, from speed and efficiency to drawing on the experience and knowledge of experts

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