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Tips and Tricks on Writing a Recruitment Consultant CV

Published 8th September 2022
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Tips and Tricks on Writing a Recruitment Consultant CV

Published 8th September 2022

It is vital to have your curriculum vitae (CV) up to date as it is one of the most important tools to showcase your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments. Within your CV you should demonstrate previous professional experience, education/grades, and other important credentials. Before submitting your CV on an application for the position as a Recruitment Consultant, ensure you’ve done the following tips and tricks!

1. CV header

Having a CV header allows you to place your contact details in a prime, visible place. This makes it easier for the employer or interviewer to get in touch about arranging an interview. It is unlikely they will get in touch if you don’t have your contact details in an easily accessible place. 

2. Recruitment Consultant Professional Summary 

Within your CV, preferably at the top, include a Recruitment Consultant Professional Summary. This will include a brief statement that collects all of your relevant experience and qualifications for this position. Remember to keep this summary short and to the point. 

An example Indeed supplies is “Experienced recruitment consultant skilled in screening candidates to find individuals who meet clients' unique needs. Open to positions in the Ashford, England area.”

3. Include the Basics

Remember the basic information: educational background/grades, professional experience, and work history. If there is a gap within your past employment history, the interviewer may inquire why you were not at work within this time frame, so make sure you are ready to answer that question if it is asked.

4. Make Your Top Skills Standout

Although the employer is likely to look at your CV in order, having your core skills standing out could show you are the best candidate for the role straight away. Try to stir away from the stereotypical words such as motivated, hard worker, team player, and a go-getter. Instead use words like adaptable, innovative, resilient, and proactive. This could set you apart from the other applicants. 

For a recruitment consultant, important skills you could highlight are:

  • Communication: In this line of work, communication is very important. The fast-paced environment means effective communication is a key component of doing a successful job, this could be through emails, phone calls, and face-to-face.
  • Organisation: As mentioned, recruitment consulting is a fast-paced working environment, you are likely to have multiple clients at once. Building an important professional relationship is vital to keeping clients and bringing new ones in. This is mostly down to having your organisation in check.
  • Applicant Tracking/ Candidate Screening: Mentioning skills that are specifically needed for the recruitment industry will help your CV tick the basic boxes for the job role you are applying for.

5. Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Incorporate a section on activities you enjoy and any volunteering you have done in the past. This will suggest what kind of person you are, and illustrate any key personality traits you have. This has become an important part of the candidate screening process as businesses are looking for someone that is the right fit for the company's culture.

6. Proofread 

There is nothing worse for an interviewer than finding spelling mistakes or reading something that doesn’t make sense. Having a mistake within your CV could affect you getting the job! Therefore, always remember to proofread.

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